MVA ID Cards

UpdatedThursday June 9, 2016 bySilver Hill Boys & Girls Club.

All children playing on a team must have an MVA ID Card.

Silver Hill Boys and Girls Club has implemented a new policy that MVA ID Cards are MANDATORY and each player/cheerleader must have one in order to participate in the sport. It takes 2 weeks to obtain one and the fee for a Photo ID Card – New/Renewal (under 18) is $15.00.


MVA requires the applicant to bring: $15, the child, child's SS card, child's Birth Certificate, and parent/guardian's ID/License.

‚ÄčA child must have the following in order to play on a team. There are no exceptions.

  • White Registration Card
  • MVA ID Card
  • Paid Membership Dues with Club                                                                                                     

Remember when filling out the White Card, include both the "Given Name" (what is on the birth certificate) and :Nick Name". This will help avoid problems when trying to find the child on the roster.