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UpdatedThursday June 4, 2015 bySilver Hill Boys & Girls Club.

New Player Registration:


  1. Create a family account Using the LOGIN/REGISTER link above, create an account using your email address and set a password.
    Add all family members to the account (children and parents) by clicking the "add children" or "add adult" options.
    Alternate contact information, such as phone numbers and emails, can be added when another adult is added to the account.
  2. Click the Register Now button beside the name of the player you wish to register to begin the registration process.
  3. Multiple players in one family should be registered at the same time. After completing one registration, click the “continue shopping” button to register another player.
  4. Use this account to register and make payments for Silver Hill Boys and Girls Club sports. You may log in at any time to access and update your account information — including payments information, and other contact information.
  5. Payments we accept Visa, MasterCard, & Debit Cards only



Returning Player Registration:

  1. Log in to SportsSignup using existing email address at sign up and password.
  2. Update any new or changed family information.
  3. Click on the Register Now button by player name to register that player.
  4. You may add children or adult players to your account as needed.


Coach Registration:

  1. Set up an account or log in to existing account.
  2. Select/click the sport you wish to coach/ volunteer for.
  3. The "Registration" option appears for each team/ sport.